We are committed

To continue being innovative and deliver state of the art products unique in our industry and to promote a safe, supportive and efficient work environment that encourages a high degree of professionalism, creativity and job satisfaction.

We are committed

Our Mission

Is to earn and maintain the respect, confidence, and loyalty of our customers by providing products and services of the highest value so that both Armour Pavement, Incorporated and the customer prosper from the association.

Our Mission

Our customers demand quality

“The quality of work was far superior than that done by any other paving contractor with whom we’ve worked. We would highly recommend Armour Pavement…” ~ Roger Cox & Associates


New Construction

There are many reasons that engineers and architects use asphalt pavement:

Economical:Asphalt is a low-cost surfacing material that is less expensive than concrete. Armour pavement has specialized in new pavement installation in New Mexico since 1984. We customarily provide a detailed drawing with your FREE ESTIMATE which details exactly where pavement will be installed. Obtain your free drawing and estimate today by calling Armour Pavement at 505-897-8190 or Click Here.
Durable:Asphalt pavement is incredibly durable, reliable, and weather resistant. Armour Pavement can install asphalt pavement to withstand weights from normal passenger vehicles to the heaviest of tractor trailers! Armour Pavement will always install the correct asphalt combination tailored to your needs.
Maintenance: Asphalt is quick and easy to repair and maintain. Simply by maintaining cracks and sealing asphalt major deterioration can be delayed and your investment protected.
Recyclable: Asphalt is a natural and recyclable material and can be used over and over. Armour Pavement recycles old asphalt in an effort to preserve our natural resources and environment by reducing waste material.

Pavement Preservation

Armour Pavement understands your need to safeguard your property from inevitable damages.

As a property owner, safety and visual appeal is extremely important to your tenants, customers, and parishoners.
It is essential for property and business owners and managers to properly repair potholes, cracked concrete, and sunken drains immediately to prevent trip hazards.
It is equally significant to patch wide cracks and seal narrower ones with hot rubberized material for maximum protection. By calling Armour Pavement today at 505-897-8190, you can receive a free parking lot assessment and maintenance recomendations appropriate to your budget
First impressions are significant, and the same is true of your parking lot. Simple effective routine repairs can more than double the life expectancy of an asphalt parking lot. Besides the obvious advantage of visual appeal of a well maintained facility, it serves as the welcome mat to your sanctuary, business, and home.

Call us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE at 505-897-8190 or Click Here.

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The crew finished up the repave at the new Safelite Call Center in Rio Rancho. We hope you enjoy this picture of their beautiful parking lot with the Sandias in the background.

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Armour Pavement has the best employees! Thank you to everyone who came in today to help clean and paint the office. Thank you to Berch, Jenn, Becca, Curtis, Tyler, Estevan, David, Doug, Anthony, ... See more