Armour Pavement has installed roads, parking lots, and driveways in New Mexico since 1984.

Asphalt Cure

We have hundreds of letters of recommendations on file and available.  Armour Pavement is an active member of many professional associations in Albuquerque.

It will remain our goal to install the finest asphalt material using only the best pavement professionals in the State.  Some of our pavement installers have been a part of the Armour Pavement family for upwards of 20 years.  Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers receive honest evaluations to solve pavement problems at a fair price.  We strive daily to earn and maintain the respect, confidence, and loyalty of every individual client that we do business with.

About Us


Pavement and Concrete Finishing

1. To meet and exceed customers demands and expectations while continuing to provide high quality service.
2. To work as a team at all times in order to reach goals that we establish.
3 . To maintain high ethical business standards and treat all of our customers, suppliers and employees with the highest degree of professionalism, creativity and job satisfaction.
4. To provide our employees with ongoing training and development.
5. To promote a safe, supportive and efficient work environment that encourages a high degree of professionalism, creativity and job satisfaction.
6. To protect the environment in the performance of our duties.
7. To continue being innovative and deliver state of the art products unique in our industry.
8. To meet any challenge with determination, courage and the will to succeed.
9. To set the standard in terms of quality, pricing, response time and customer service in our industry.