Remove and Replace

Over time asphalt degrades to the point that the only option is to remove the surface and repave it.  This is generally true when failures in a lot comprise more than 30% of the total area.  There are two ways to accomplish a complete remove and repave.  Some municipalities require an engineered grading and drainage plan when a repave of more than 1,000 square feet is being done.


The first is to pulverize the existing asphalt and mix it into the base.  This option works well because the existing asphalt is recycled into the soil below creating a more stable base.  This option is not cost effective in areas where exportation of soil will be required to hit elevations or if the area is too small.


The other is to remove the asphalt and haul it offsite to our material supplier for recycling.  In this option the asphalt surface is taken up and loaded into trucks then hauled away.


With either option the next step is to grade and compact the soil prior to asphalt placement.  A minimum of 2″ of asphalt is recommended and in some cases it may be necessary to install a thicker asphalt for longevity.  Also it can become necessary to install an engineered aggregate basecourse for stability if unstable and unsuitable soils are encountered.  Unfortunately it is not always known until after the existing surface is removed if the subgrade soils are unsuitable or unstable.

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